We would like to introduce eyeforthree's efforts towards sustainable manufacturing.

100% recycled

Recycled Plastic

eyeforthree eyewear frames are made from 100% recycled eye drop bottle plastic.

Eye drop bottles are made of special plastic with UV protection to protect the active ingredients from UV rays.

Taking advantage of these properties, the eye drop bottle that protects your eyes has been transformed into eyewear that protects your eyes.

In order to circulate resources, we are committed to 100% recycling that takes advantage of the colors of the materials, without mixing, coloring, or painting.

We also offer maintenance services to ensure that you take good care of your product and use it for a long time. If you no longer need it, we also have a take-back program.

Attention to detail in packaging

sustainable packaging

We also paid particular attention to the packaging.

●Completely free of plastic

No plastics such as cushioning materials are used. We will deliver it to you as is.

●100% recycled paper

The paper boxes are made from 100% recycled paper. In order to effectively utilize resources, we ask for your cooperation in collecting used paper.


No tags or unnecessary paper. with the minimum necessary resources.

We have written the necessary instructions on the inside of the paper box so that you can use it with care.

Commitment to making packaging

recycled paper

We also collect waste paper from the packaging production process. Circulating important resources.

Recycle cloth bags too

recycled bag

The included cloth bag to protect the eyewear is also made from recycled materials.