our story

eyeforthree was started by representative Rina Nagaoka's desire to solve the world's poverty and waste plastic problems.

My experience in India as a student

experience in india

During his student days, he traveled to India four times and visited slums.

I was shocked by things that would be unthinkable in Japan, such as people asking me to buy soap and the fact that diarrhea was the leading cause of death for children under the age of five in India at that time.

I thought about what I could do, and started a project where I went around hotels in India, collected soap that would otherwise be thrown away, and made recycled soap to deliver to slums.

From this experience, eyeforthree will support cataract surgery in India with 10% of sales.

Joined Rohto Pharmaceutical

experience in rohto

After graduating from university, he joined Rohto Pharmaceutical.

I have been involved in product planning for eye drops.

Eye drops, among other pharmaceutical products, are used in the eyes, so they require a safe and high-quality production environment.

Therefore, there are strict regulations regarding the handling of bottles.

As a result, bottles of inferior quality are discarded during bottle production, and scraps cannot be reused, resulting in a large amount of waste plastic.

I want to solve the world's health problems and waste plastic problems.

start eyeforthree

When I was a student in India, I faced the health problems of the poor, and at Rohto Pharmaceutical, I faced the plastic waste problem.

I started eyeforthree as a first-year student of Rohto Pharmaceutical's in-house venture program "Tomorrow Niha", thinking that there could be an initiative to effectively utilize waste plastics to improve the health of people around the world.

It was just an idea in May 2020, but thanks to the efforts of our powerful partner companies and the support of many people within Rohto, the product has finally taken shape.

The future of eyeforthree

eye for three goals

Through eyeforthree, we will help people around the world achieve good health.